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Mobile video wall

Eastern Europe's first mobile video wall produced by the company Etis.

Mobile video wall is the first vehicle produced in Eastern Europe equipped with a screen area of 27 m2, rotating around its axis adapted and installed on the vehicle to 11 t.

Time to readiness for work and his full fitness with the issuance of the screen does not exceed 20 minutes!

How does it work?

Large video screen display consists of two parts of the complex steel structure - lattice.

Division that enables to move to the top of the screen consists of 3 parts, put forward using hydraulic actuator.

Division is divided along the surface of the vehicle in two parts.

Lower part of the screen is sited in a special rack on one of the long sides of the vehicle, while the upper part is permanently integrated into the division, and it moves first to the top. After receiving the amount of work performed, thank to the 180-degree rotation the screen is lowered to the bottom, blending into the bottom of the screen guides. Combining together the two halves is also performed using the hydraulic system.
After obtaining a uniform surface the screen moves to the top to achieve proper height so that it could be smoothly rotated around its axis until the optimum position.

The stability of the vehicle is guaranteed by 4 outriggers side!

The safety of the work is ensured by two levels of wind speed meter warning gusty blasts as well as about a speed above 50 km / h, passing on information on an electronic display informing about the excessed value by siren sound – 105 dB and by a visual sign of a red light.

The vehicle is also equipped with independent power supply which is a high-power generator: model HYV HYV Yanmar 35 T 5; a power rating of 31 kVA. What is interesting as well is an integrated fuel system unit with the vehicle fuel tank, which ensures continuity of work for five days without refueling .

The vehicle is equipped with a heated and air conditioned cabin with full monitoring of LED screen work.
The whole vehicle does not exceed the total weight of 11 tonnes which permits full use of transport capacity, / there is no prohibition for weekend /.
This weight ensures collision-free entry to all parts of old cities in Poland, stadiums, parking lots without restrictions.

Also, the vehicle does not require special permits to be able to view the commercials or TV broadcasts!

- Mobility (the 100 cities in 100 days)
- Readiness to work in a short time
- Large display area up to 27 m2
- Simple operation system
- Lack of necessity of authorization to display
- Independent power supply
- Professionally equipped cabin


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